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Read on to learn how PC Trophy Engravers Bromley have harnessed the latest technology to make high quality cups and awards available to all. Who would you like to recognize by means of a personalized award?
Cups, statues, plaques, plates, shields, and medals – all have been used, at different times and by different organisations, to reword those who have demonstrated themselves to be exceptional, or the best at what they do. But how can you make the presentation of a prize or trophy even more special than it already is? By personalizing the award, so the individual feels that their efforts have been recognised.
The traditional way of personalizing an award trophy or cup is to engrave the winner’s name onto it, but in times past this practice could be fraught with difficulty. A cup or other trophy may already have been made of a precious metal, and then it was up to the engraver to carefully and accurately add the required details. The slightest slip of the chisel could have spelled catastrophe! It’s no wonder that engraved awards from times gone by are worth a lot of money and are sought after by collectors – they are examples of rare skill and care on the part of the craftspeople who made them.
However, technology has a way of taking things which were once difficult and aspirational, and putting them within everyone’s reach. For example, at one time the residents of stately homes would pay professional artists large sums of money to commit the likeness of their dwellings to canvass. Now, however, any one of us can instantly create an even more accurate, high definition image of the same buildings using a cameras phone which will fit in your pocket.
In a similar way, PC Trophy Engravers Bromley have harnessed the power of technology to make it possible to engrave perfect script and stunningly lifelike images onto award statues and sculptures for presentation. Our state-of-the-art laser equipment can complete the work in a fraction of the time it would have taken a human craftsperson, making in possible to produce individual personalized medals for all members of a team or company.
At PC Trophy Engravers Bromley we have been providing local teams and organizations with celebrations pieces for over three decades, and we can confidently say that our current range of cups and awards is our best to date. And with this personalization feature, no recipient will ever be in doubt of the esteem in which they are held. Have you ever seen a child’s face light up when they receive a prize for doing their best – even if it’s just a paper rosette at the school sports day? That’s what we live for here at PC Trophy Engravers Bromley, to make people feel worthwhile and recognized. The prizes may change as we progress throughout our lives, but the need for recognition lingers on in all of us. Why not show your teams, competitors or colleagues how much they are valued with a custom engraved award trophy from PC Trophy Engravers Bromley?