Trophy Engraving Epsom


Trophy Engraving Epsom
Trophy Engraving Epsom

Some towns and other locations around Britain have names which will forever be associated with sporting achievements and the celebration of competitive events, and Epsom is right up there with the best of them. This is because the area is the setting for the Epsom Downs Racecourse, home of the Epsom Derby which is the UK’s most famous horse race. Almost every summer since 1780 the prestigious race has been run here, to the point where the event has become synonymous with the town.
In 2010, a brand new trophy was commissioned to be presented to the winner of the race in each subsequent year. The sculpture depicts three silver horses running on a circular track which echoes the contours of the Epsom course itself. A cuff of silver surrounds the work, and this is engraved with the winners name each year. Thanks to this trophy engraving Epsom race fans can celebrate the history of their event year after year.
What is it that compels us to create trophies and mementos to celebrate significant events? There is something deep in the human psyche which makes us want to stay in touch with the past by keeping physical reminders of it. It is the same feelings which make us visit museums, where we can gaze at artefacts which may be hundreds or even thousands of years old. When these pieces are marked with symbols or writing, it can add to our understanding of the times and the circumstances surrounding the piece.
A good example is the cave paintings unearthed by archaeologists; while those who created these artworks could not have imagined our modern world in which their paintings would become famous, there can be little doubt that their motivation was to produce an enduring record of their way of life. Throughout the years since then, the names and feats of prominent people have been inscribed on buildings, plaques, trophies, and all manner of other items to remind us of who they were and what they did.
And so to our modern era, in which it is usually sporting and artistic achievements which are celebrated in such a manner. The Epsom Derby is only one event which has a prestigious trophy attached to it; think also of football’s FA Cup, The Ashes in cricket, and Formula 1 Grand Prix. And now, thanks to PC Trophy Engraving Epsom, your sport too can have celebratory silverware which commemorates the efforts and attainments of its athletes.
Trophy engraving has come a long way since the days of hammers and chisels. At PC Trophy Engraving Epsom we use the latest laser machines to etch high quality script onto a wide range of materials, with perfect results every time. And what’s more, we can even include graphics and pictures to make an award truly meaningful and unique. Sports clubs and other organizations in the area are celebrating their achievements, and PC Trophy Engraving Epsom are making it possible.
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