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Trophy Engravers Epsom
Trophy Engravers Epsom

The most famous landmark in the town of Epsom is undoubtedly the Epsom Downs Racecourse, one of Britain’s foremost horse racing venues. Horse racing has gone on on the North Downs for hundreds of years, and these days many thousands of race-goers including celebrities and royalty attend every year.
The most famous annual race at Epsom is, of course, the Derby, which has been run there almost every year since 1780 and is one of the most important horse races in the world. In 2010, it was decided that such an important sporting event should have a unique prize, and the Epson Derby Trophy was commissioned. Like many other famous sports award sculptures, the Derby Trophy features a silver sleeve around the plinth where the names of winners are engraved whenever the race is run. This way, their achievements are preserved throughout time in a permanent record for all to see.
Fortunately, it isn’t only world-class racehorses and their riders who can benefit from this kind of service. PC Trophy Engravers Epsom is a local company supplying a range of engraved award statues to recognise effort and achievement in any discipline you can think of. From football to chess, we’ve got it covered. And no-one should ever underestimate the motivational impact of seeing your name carved into a plaque.
Trophies come in all shapes and sizes. One of the most common forms for a trophy of attainment is the pass-cup, a decorative, multi-handled drinking vessel originally used in ceremonies by clubs and societies. By using special software with our laser engraving machines, PC Trophy Engravers Epsom can compensate for the curve of the surface of the cup to create neat and accurate text and graphics. The same goes for other rounded items, such as drinking tankards.
While many trophies and award sculptures are rooted in deep traditions, other organisations want to create an altogether more contemporary image for their activities. It should never be assumed that PC Trophy Engravers Epsom can only provide traditional cups and figurines! The world of awards has moved on, and we keep pace by offering glass and acrylic sculptures, plaques, and medals. And thanks to technological developments, decorative engraving is available at a level which is far more accurate and detailed than would ever have been possible before. Far from just making scratches in the surface of a material, engravers can now provide photographic quality images, even suspending those images inside transparent materials. Also, printing technology means full colour pictures are now an option too. Contact PC Trophy Engravers Epsom to explore all these exciting choices.
While huge, solid silver sculptures like the Epsom Derby Trophy remain rare and desirable, many people are surprised at just how affordable our high quality awards can be. Whether you want a trophy for a children’s competition, a local club or organisation, or a professional level sports event, PC Trophy Engravers Epsom can guide you toward the perfect trophy for your needs. Contact us today to find out more.