Footbal Trophies


Footbal Trophies
Footbal Trophies

Every football team needs top-quality football trophies because it’s not only the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo who want to win the top prizes. From juniors to adults and people who like to play for fun, trophies are excellent ways to add fun and reward top performers. Here at PC Engravers, we take football trophies seriously, so you know you can trust us to provide fantastic products to tailor-made specifications.

We’ve been supplying clubs of all sizes with awards for years, which is why we understand what it takes, and also how essential football trophies are to your team. So, there’s no need to drop the ball. Check out our catalogue of fantastic cups and medals to understand why PC Engravers is a market leader with an exceptional reputation.

Don’t worry about endlessly searching for what you need because our incredible range of football trophies is sure to include a product that will catch your eye. Don’t delay, get in touch now!
Competition Football Trophies

Do you organise football competitions? Are you trying to spice up your local five-a-side team with something a bit different? In that case, we’ve got you covered with our football trophies that are perfect for competition winners. Whether it’s glass or resin, you’ll finally get to feel what it’s like to lift your version of the World Cup!

When you’ve got trophies like these as prizes, you’ll be sure to excite every player who takes part in the competition. When motivation is high, there’s no doubt the games will be filled with quality from start to finish.
Individual Football Trophies

Football is a team game, but it’s important to reward the players that stand out from the crowd. With PC Engraver, you won’t leave any player out again. From the golden boot winner to the keeper of the tournament, we have every base covered. Of course, there’s no reason to buy specific trophies if you prefer something more generic. After all, you can use it as a trophy for the Most Valuable Player. We’re nothing but flexible when it comes to ensuring our customers get precisely what they require.

Don’t fret about the prospect of leaving people out, either. All you have to do is pick our ribbon-and-medal trophies to include every single team member in the process. They come in three different colours - gold, silver, and bronze - so that the awards aren’t the same all of the time.
Discounted Football Trophies

Our football trophies are undoubtedly very reasonably priced, yet that doesn’t mean they’re no more bargains on our website. Regarding football trophies, you can use our discounted packs for bulk-buying purposes. Aside from a reduction by buying them in bulk, there is also a 10% promo offer for included football packs.

Place an order through the website or over the phone and save yourself even more money! For more info placing orders, you can check out the “How To Order” section of the site.
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