Awards in Glass, Acrylic, Wood,

 Awards in Glass, Acrylic and Wood,
As professional glass engravers we have an extensive range of glass and engraved awards available to suit most budgets. We also have a large range of acrylic, wooden, metal and resin awards. Brilliant for corporate or club presentations. If you need several awards check out what we have on offer here then contact us for a discounted price based on quantity

Our Co2 Laser Engraves to a high standard and is cost effective to any budget All you need to do is send an EPS or AI (Adobe Illustrator) in a vector format. Failing that, we also accept a high resolution Image/Logo (Tiff, Bitmap, Jpeg) We will then send you a PDF format for you to proof read and approve for the job to be done. When we have your approval the process is very quick





We can produce your Office or Private Rubber Stamp to your specifications

Click on image to go to and choose and design your Rubber stamp with Text and Logo or Photo, yes photo, see photo image, you can do this all on line, or call into the shop, and we can help to do this all on site, just bring image/logo on USB stick and we can go from there.


We have a large selection of trophies, shields and miscellaneous products. Catalogues are available for the full range of all products, please contact us for a catalogue and state your requirements.

Trophies can be tailor made to suit your requirements or you can take the easy root via the vast selection that is available from our catalogues. Just tell us what you require, or if you are undecided we can can send you a FREE catalogue, so that you can choose at your own leisure. With the advent of our laser engraver there is no sport that can not be catered for, supply us with a drawing or artwork of your sport or award presentation, and we can personalise your trophy by engraving or using the new QuikPlate system.

Trophies available: Trophies with or with out sports figures, Continental type cups from 4" to 36" plus, hundreds of medals in different shapes and sizes, standard medals with sports centres, or Hot Stamped High Relief Medals (many sports available)


We have a very good selection of shields to choose from, we start at 4" going right up to 17". We can supply a single individual shield, to annually presented shields as shown in the photograph.

Shields of today are environmentally friendly, very good quality without destroying the rain forests. Shields of old are renowned for cracking or warping, now with all the improvements that have been introduced to the production of these plaques, under normal ware and tare, they should last a life time, maintaining their lustre for all time.


We have one of the most comprehensive ranges of trophies to choose from.

Swatkins silverware is manufactured using traditional methods of metal spinning, soldering, polishing and deposit silverplating. Each process is carefully carried out by time served craftsmen, drawing on over 100 years of experienced quality manufacturing.
Custom made awards for presentations with a larger budget, we can custom make your award to your own specification. We will require a drawing and as much information as possible with guideline of your budget.

We can repair and refurbish most silver and silverplated items, new or old. If you would like a catalogue please contact us.

Brass Building Plates Engraved


P. C. Engravers can engrave almost any material i.e.; Brass Stainless Steel, Plastic, Aluminium, Gold, Silvers, Glass etc.

For businesses we specialise in name plates for inside and out, Brass as per photo sample mounted on wood backs or without. They can be any size or shape, polished or a satin finish.

Company Logos can be digitised and engraved , filled with your company colours. Send or e-mail your art work to us, with the size you require, we will give you a quote by return. Plastic plates can also be cut to any size with a good choice of colours to choose from, as you can see from the photographs, their are many formats to choice from in Brass or Plastic, you have good choice of fonts to choose from, any special requirements can be met by acid etching, subject good quality artwork being supplied.

We have many years of experience in this field, please contact us to discuss any requirements you may have.


Mimic Laser engraved Plaque


Laser Engraving

Laser cutting / engraving is the latest technology, which is taking engraving into the millennium. By using the most advanced laser machinery available it is possible to cut and mark most materials with amazing accuracy.

Any design can be laser engraved on Perspex, Glass, Laminates, Wood, Metals, Pens, Cuts out shapes and designs, Badges and logos for the Office, Photographs can also be laser engraved on badges for security. There is no limit to the applications of laser engraving.

  • Cutting
    Using finely tuned CO2 machines, we can cut non-metallic materials, with the most unbelievably sharp definition, which far exceeds conventional routers. This is ideal for extremely detailed designs. Although completed with great speed, keeping the costs low, the quality still remains high. Fabrics are heat sealed when cut and acrylics are left with a polished edge.

  • Engraving-Marking
    By using advanced CO2 and YAG lasers we are able to mark almost all materials with exceptional detail. Seeing as our laser engraver is used through PC graphics packages such as CorelDraw, this means that whatever we can get on screen, we can engrave. (All the most common graphic formats supported)


Quikplate Printed labels & Engraving
Printed Quickplate


With the advent of our laser engraver there is no sport that can not be catered for, supply us with a drawing or artwork of your sport or award presentation, we will do the rest.

We can now engrave your trophies at a very competitive price, not having to worry about the cost of letters, we charge per plate rather than by the letter, letting you have up to 4 lines of variable text at no extra cost, unlike standard engraving, which charged by the letter. plus their are sports loges available at no extra cost, however this does reduce the area of engraving.

Personalise your trophy by using the new QuikPlate system.You can have Black on Silver, Black on Gold, Gold on Black background. Price starts from £2.30 for up to 4 line of text.

Engraving on trophies bought form the shop starts from 10 per letter or a minimum charge of £2.30 per plate (flat plates), Discount for repetition engraving is available, ask for details.


Photo Magic
Photo Engraved Catalogue leaflet
  1. Your photo
  2. Choose your gift
  3. We''ll imprint it!
  4. It''s that simple
  5. Pendants, Lighters, Picture Frames, Lockets, Dog Tags, Charm Bracelets, Key Rings, Keepsakes, Gift Boxes.
  6. Create unique gifts using photos imprinted onto metal! This original process means you can use pictures of friends, family, loved one, pets or places to make an incredible range of gifts, mementos, souvenirs, memorabilia and club regalia.

Capture those special people and places - forever!

Bring us your photo, memory card, camera phone or CD. We can imprint your image onto any one of our metal gifts

Photo Printed Metal Plaques
Sublimated Printed Colour Wall Plaque

Photo Printed Metal Plaques

We can print in colour text and photo / logo onto plaques A4, A5, A6, in size and in full colour on to a metal plate, fixed on a MDF board giving a plaque for life to appreciate, this is a unique way of presenting plaques for personal and special events.

Cost starts £45.00 (A6),   £55.00 (A5)    £70.00 (A4)

Send your text with Photo / Logo, we then send a full colour PDF for you to proofread, once proof has been approved, we can then complete within 24 hours

Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps for the Office and Home to your design and spec.

Design your own with Logo/Photo and text