Football Trophies Dorset


Football Trophies Dorset
Football Trophies Dorset

What are some of the most famous football trophies Dorset customers may be familiar with?
Perhaps the first one that may come into your mind is the FIFA World Cup trophy. This trophy is awarded to the winners of the FIFA World Cup association football tournament which was established in 1930 and takes place every four years. There have been two football trophies used during this time with the new trophy being in use since 1970. The England team won the tournament in 1966 but the country with the most wins is Brazil, having won the tournament 5 times to date.
Another one of the football trophies Dorset football fans might think of is the European Champions Club’ cub. The current trophy stands 73.5 cm tall and weighs 7.5kg. It is awarded to the winners of the UEFA Champions League which began in 1956. The Real Madrid team are the team that have been awarded the most wins, with 13 to date.
A further famous football trophy that you might consider is The Football Associations Challenge Cup. This competition has been established since 1871 and it is the oldest national football competition in the world. The club with the most number of wins is Arsenal who have achieved 14 titles.
One of the most watched football tournaments in the world, The Premier League, has been established since 1992. Manchester United have won the trophy the most times with 13 wins. The trophy is made of sterling silver with a gold crown and gold detailing.
When it comes to football trophies, Dorset customers may be familiar with some of the ones that we have mentioned in this article. What is the common thread between all of these football trophies? Dorset customers understand that football trophies are synonymous with victory. They are a physical representation of an achievement that a team has achieved. The team that wins the competition has the right to hold the trophy up with pride.
Football trophies are a great way of showing your local team, be it grassroots team or a school team, that you are proud of their achievements. If they are looking for football trophies, Dorset customers can do no better than P. C. Engravers. They have a huge range of sports trophies including football trophies available from their shop.
P. C. Engravers are also able to offer an engraving service on their football trophies so that you can add details of the competition as well as the name of the winning team. P. C. Engravers do not only stock football trophies, Dorset based customers can also find a wide range of trophies for other sports including rugby and golf. You can see the entire range by viewing the trophy catalogues available on the website.
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